WordPress Dashboard With Google Analytics

Google Site Kit For WordPress

Site Kit Launches

Four years ago, Oct 2019, Google announced the much anticipated release of Site Kit, a WordPress plugin that allows our clients to view and configure key Google services including Google Search Console, Google Analytics, PageSpeed Insights and AdSense. The plugin will allowed users to quickly get insights into how people find and use their website and can learn how to improve and monetise their digital content. Since then the plugin has proven to be reliable and not cause any issues with other plugins.

GA4 Analytics On Hand

For WordPress site owners having a dashboard with website GA4 analytics keeps working on your site easy and progressive. As a WordPress site owner, Site Kit offers:

  • Convenient and easy access to relevant stats directly in your WordPress dashboard.
  • See the key information right when you sign in.
  • Official stats from multiple Google tools, all in one dashboard.
  • Google Search Console, Google Analytics, PageSpeed Insights, AdSense, Tag Manager and Optimise — are combined into a single, intuitive dashboard.
  • Make informed decisions, quickly.
  • No source code editing.
  • This is the easiest way to install and manage Google products on your site in just a few clicks.
  • Get aggregated reports from Google products distilled in a dashboard that you can easily access on a page by page basis or your entire site.
  • Get site performance stats and improvement recommendations that come directly from Google.
  • Site Kit also provides roles and permissions to help manage access to the site’s data and makes sure that only relevant people can see the stats from Google products.
Site Kit Analytics
Site Kit Analytics

Key metrics and insights

  • Search Console: Understand how Google Search discovers and displays your pages in Google Search. Track how many people saw your site in Search results, and what query they used to search for your site.
  • Analytics: Explore how users navigate your site and track goals you’ve set up for your users to complete.
  • AdSense: Keep track of how much your site is earning you.
  • PageSpeed Insights: See how your pages perform compared to other real-world sites. Improve performance with actionable tips from PageSpeed Insights.
  • Tag Manager: Use Site Kit to easily set up Tag Manager- no code editing required. Then, manage your tags in Tag Manager.
  • Optimise: Use Site Kit to easily set up Optimise- no code editing required. Then, set up A/B tests in Optimise.
Google Site Kit Page Analytics
Google Site Kit Page Analytics

Future Development

Like all plugins on WordPress, they are all being continually developed and improved. Site Kit is no exception so expect to see new Google tools becoming available each time you update your plugin. It’s been good days for Site Kit with overall good reviews and users can expect some excellent improvements in future updates.

Kodako installs Site Kit by default on all our website designs however you will need a Google account in order for your website analytics to be loaded to your WordPress dashboard.

WordPress Dashboard With Google Analytics

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