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Kodako website designs include dynamic SEO on every page. Our SEO technology helps write Search Engine Optimised (SEO) content. It displays dynamic advice and tips by analysing your web content as you create it. You can also find the top 10 Google keyword suggestions. Useful to work with the long and short tail technique. You can also preview your content’s Google search appearance. Check the performance of your site with Google Page Speed. Get useful advice to improve speed and user experience.

Kodako includes Google Analytics stats right into your WordPress Dashboard. View traffic number, sources, clicks, impressions and more. Each time you make alterations to your site’s SEO you’ll be able to determine the results over a period of time.

SEO Features

Dynamic SEO Reporting Titles And Meta
XML And HTML Sitemaps
Unlimited Keyword Analysis
Open Graph And Twitter Card
Google Local Business Type
Google Knowledge Graph
Dublin Core
Google Page Speed & Redirections
WooCommerce Open Graph Meta

Meta Data

Kodako customises your metadata in titles, meta description, Open Graph and Twitter Cards. We can manage titles and meta description for every post, website page, custom post type, catalogue page and product page. Apply globally or individually using dozens of different dynamic variables.

We can add Open Graph meta tags to improve sharing on Facebook with custom title, description and image thumbnail. We can add Twitter meta tags to improve sharing on Twitter with custom title, description and image thumbnail. In addition, we can add Dublin Core meta tags recognised by governments, states and used by directories, Bing, Baidu and Yandex.


Kodako websites by default use WooCommerce for commerced websites and are optimised for sharing on social media networks. We can disable indexing on cart, checkout and customer account pages. We can remove WooCommerce meta tag generator and add currency and price Open Graph metas for better sharing on social networks.

Crawling And Indexing

Kodako can create virtual robots.txt file to setup indexing for search engines without bypassing any live robots.txt file that maybe in use.  We can block in 1-click SemrushBot and MajesticSEO Bot to prevent slow down of your site. You’ll be able to edit your htaccess file right in your WordPress admin and make quick 301 redirect, prevent directory browsing.

Meta Robots

Kodako can manage meta robots for every post, website page, custom post type and e-commerce page. We can set key meta tags, noindex, nofollow, noodp, noimageindex, noarchive, nosnippet via checkbox.

noindex: Disallow search engines from adding this page to their index, and therefore disallow them from showing it in their results.

nofollow: Tells the search engines robots to not follow any links on the page.

noodp: Tells the search engines not to use the Open Directory project meta data for titles or excerpts for the page.

noimageindex: Tells the search engine not to index images in the page.

noarchive: Tells the search engine not to display a “Cached” link in the Google search results.

nosnippet: Tells the search engine not to display a description in search results for the page.

Canonical URL

Kodako will edit your default canonical URL for each post, page or post type. As a website gets bigger, it’s often hard to prevent pages from becoming duplicates or near-duplicates of each other. This can cause duplicate content issues. If you have two similar pages, and they are both eligible to rank for a certain keyphrase, the search engine simply doesn’t know which of the two URLs it should send the traffic to. To solve this, you can select a preferred URL, this is what we call the canonical URL.

Image SEO

Kodako can automatically set the image Title / Alt / Caption / Description based on filename if preferred if your uploading content for blogs etc. Otherwise with web pages we set titles, alts, captions and cleaner descriptions relative to keywords for more productivity and better SEO results.

RSS Feeds

Kodako can manage all the default WordPress RSS feeds without a single line of code. We often disable useless WordPress RSS feeds like comments, extra or posts.

XML / HTML Sitemaps

Kodako will build and edit custom XML sitemaps for website pages, blog posts, taxonomies, videos, images, news and html to help Google and other search engines understand the structure and content of your website while crawling your site more efficiently. In addition, we improve search engines crawling process by providing an HTML sitemap and UX.

Image Sitemaps

Kodako improves image indexing by automatically adding standard images, image galleries, featured image and WooCommerce product images to XML image sitemaps.

Video Sitemaps

Kodako will create your custom XML Video sitemap for Google and improve your ranking in video search results.

News Sitemaps

Kodako is ready to add your content to Google News by creating a custom XML sitemap especially for Google News.

Breadcrumb Navigation

Kodako can add JSON/LD Breadcrumbs, change the default separator, custom breacrumbs for each post, page, catalogue, product page or post type.

URL Rewrite

Kodako can edit the default WordPress search slug to an SEO optimised URL like: We can also remove stop words in URL’s such as: the, it, was, a, with etc. We can also remove the category in URL’s however this needs to be considered carefully as it can make a URL read differently and it’s better practice to do this manually page by page depending on your website and content.


Kodako can create / manage unlimited 301, 302 or 307 redirections in one place. We can also import redirections via CSV file. We can redirect attachment pages to post parent or file URLs which will improve SEO and UX.

Structured Data Types (schemas)

Kodako will add Structured Data Types to mark your content and get better Google Search Results appearance. For local businesses, when users search for businesses on Google Search or Maps, Search results may display a prominent Knowledge Graph card with details about a business that matched the query.


Proper structured data in your news, blog, and sports article page can enhance your appearance in Google Search results.


Kodako can add event markup which describes the details of organised events. When used in your content, that event becomes relevant for enhanced search results for relevant queries.


Kodako can add markup to your product pages so Google can provide detailed product information in rich Search results – including Image Search. Users can see price, availability and more within the Search results.


Kodako can mark up your Frequently Asked Questions page with JSON/LD and get it listed in search results.


A simple review about something. When Google finds valid reviews or ratings markup, they may show a rich snippet that includes stars and other summary info from reviews or ratings.


Kodako can mark up your recipe content with structured data to provide rich cards and host-specific lists for your recipes, such as cooking and preparation times, nutrition information etc.


Kodako can mark up your video content with structured data to make Google Search an entry point for discovering and watching videos.


Kodako can mark up your course lists with structured data so prospective students find you through Google Search.

Google Knowledge Graph

Kodako can markup your content with business / marketing details to get featured in Google Knowledge Graph cards. We configure your Google Knowledge Graph: we add your logo, organisation phone number and more. We can also link your social accounts like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest with Google Knowledge Graph.

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