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Kodako is an affiliate of SiteGround, managed WordPress hosting. You’re in control of your hosting plans and website with Kodako. We put no loading on hosting plans and you can change your plan whenever you like. When you host your website with SiteGround you’ll be able to make Kodako a collaborator giving us access to hosting tools to help manage your website. SiteGround hosts your site in Google’s new data centre in Sydney with auto backups made every 24hrs using SiteGround’s new CMS, a backend content management system with 24/7 support. 

Register A Domain Name

To get started with a new website design you will first need to register a domain name. You can register with our domain registrar affiliate SiteGround. There are other registrars, however, SiteGround is very competitive and domain name management is easy and automated.


Google Cloud Hosting Australia
SiteGround 24/7 Support
Secure SSL/TLS Certified Encryption
PCI Compliant Server
Google SSD Persistent Storage
Cloudflare Content Delivery Network
Latest WordPress, PHP and MySQL
Latest HTTP/3 QUIC Protocol
GZIP Compression & Minified CSS/HTML​
Staging Site For Developing New Content

Website Performance

Kodako websites are designed to load fast. Static caching for all sites, will load content faster from server memory. NGINX Direct Delivery from SiteGround, optimises your site using the browser. Managed caching and CDN caching means faster loading. Kodako websites use cutting-edge Solid State Drive technology. SSDs provide for a 1000x increase in input/output operations.

Our website’s loading speed uses the higher levels of SiteGround’s SuperCacher service. They connect your site with NGINX-based dynamic cache and Memcached service. QUIC also referred to as HTTP/3 is the newest network protocol. This speeds up loading of websites in the browser. It uses separate independent connections for each server request. Our website’s use automatic image optimisations, lazy image loading, GZIP compression. Minified CSS & HTML and more are also included to boost performance to the next level.

Website Security

Having an SSL/TLS is more than best practice for websites, it’s an industry standard. SSL/TLS certificates protect the data transmitted through your site. It makes sure you meet the requirements of search engines that flag unsecured sites. Kodako will issue and renew SSL/TLS certificates as required free. All our e-commerced sites use secure PCI compliant servers.

Kodako edits content using a staging site as your businesses grows. Kodako tests new plugins before pushing them live ensuring compatibility.

Website Staging

Using SiteGround’s staging tool we can create a copy of your site called a staging site. This allows you and Kodako to work on a testing site rather than the live site. 

When you’re happy with it, we push the changes to your live site. Automatic backup occurs each time your staging version goes to production.

Content Delivery Network

Kodako websites use Cloudflare to provide a global Content Delivery Network (CDN). The CDN speeds up your website’s load time. Visitors from different geographical locations, including Adelaide, will load content fast.  Cloudflare supports SSL/TLS protocols.

To speed up the delivery of a page, it caches its content. It auto-minifies images, exploits RailGun to speed up uncacheable dynamic content. It also blocks malicious traffic and even reduces SPAM. The CDN network has 152 server locations and growing. Your page will  load from a server closest to your visitor.

Hosting And Support

Kodako offers a support service to all aspects of your website design for a monthly fee. Regular maintenance checks including plugin updates, backups, cache purging and SEO. We will also perform minor updates including new posts on blogs. We can edit site and product pages and provide multimedia content.

For small business sites we recommend SiteGround’s Grow Big or Go Geek Plans. Cloud Hosting Plans are best suited for high traffic business sites. Plans can changed as your business grows via your SiteGround account settings.

SiteGround’s Cloud Hosting Plans offer seamless upgradeable options. From 2 CPU cores to 32 CPU cores or more. Starting with 4Gb of memory and 40Gb of SDD space. Dedicated IP, a Cloud Hosting plan can changed to whatever your website requires.

Hosting We Recommend

SiteGround Web Hosting

Legendary customer service and good value hosting has made SiteGround a household name in the WordPress community. Hosting over 2 million sites, if you’re a small to medium sized business, this is a good host to work with. The new admin dashboard is excellent with the speed and security of Google Cloud networks.

WP Web Hosting
Since 2008, Australian based company WP Hosting has been at the forefront of WordPress hosting. They deliver a quality service with excellent support.
Green Geeks Web Hosting

Hosting companies consume huge amounts of electricity. Some use carbon-free electricity. GreenGeek is one of them, all the while delivering fast servers and support for WordPress site owners.

Host Papa Web Hosting

HostPapa offer entry level hosting for small businesses, over 200,000 of those on WordPress. Despite their lower price, they have been a staple for many micro businesses the world over. A good choice for those on a tight budget.

DreamHost Web Hosting

Dreamhost is a US based company in which all its staff participate in its governance. They actively participate in the WordPress community and have been around for many years. Very knowledgeable and good support.

KInsta Web Hosting

At the higher end of WordPress hosting, Kinsta offers an excellent user experience using their admin dashboard and top support service for WordPress websites. A good choice for larger businesses or sites with large amounts of traffic.

Kodako, Siteground and Google

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