Kodako Web Design And AI Productivity

AI Enhanced Website Design Adelaide

One of the interesting developments we’ve seen so far in Kodako web design in Adelaide 2023 is the addition of generative AI in the CMS, Content Management System.

AI is being introduced into a number of WordPress plugins including SEO plugins. After using these new tools for awhile now it appears these tools are good for developing ideas for content rather than the content itself. It needs human web designers and writers whom understand the nuances of SEO, UI design and UX with target audiences. AI is a tool to enhance productivity but does not appear to be an end game solution.

Using AI Productivity Tools

Editing a Kodako web design with the language AI panel has been well thought out so far in its initial development. Using a popup window across the CMS helps us simplify the process of editing and generating AI content. The other helpful addition are preselections for different criteria. We particularly liked how we could change the tone of the copy, optimise it for SEO and make it grammatically correct.

Select The 3 Star Icon To Launch A Popup

No More Writer’s Block

Alternatively you can choose a new prompt and generate copy from scratch. To do this select New prompt and ask AI to write about the subject of your choice. It’s that simple. You can always use a few sentences to be more specific about a subject or ask AI to write about associated content. If AI does anything, it removes writer’s block. We do suggest using a text editor when generating content to cut paste copy that you’d like to use and save. A lot of times it can be faster to simply write it yourself but AI can help with the ideas.

One of the other outstanding features of the language AI is we can change the language itself to many other languages. As with any type of language translations however it’s always important to have it proof read by a human. Only humans can really understand the nuances of written and spoken language which is why is so important to always have an editor / writer proof any content before it goes live.

Generative Image AI

Generative image AI allows you to use AI to make customisations to your images as well as additional variations. Resize the image to HD resolution for background images. Use the generative fill to add specific content to specific areas of an image.

AI Limitations

Below we described a city scene at sunset with tall buildings and hot air balloons. It’s ok but needs editing and it looks culturally very North American which often does not work for Australian content.

Language and Image AI Combined

The CMS can combine of both language AI and image AI to develop better prompts. If words or descriptions don’t come easily then you can use the language AI to describe the scene for you. Keep in mind you’ll usually have to edit all this content in a photo editor but it can work well when used in context to a blog article or using it in a smaller graphic such as a call to action.

AI Good For Proofing

At the moment we consider generative AI to be a productivity tool. It needs human intervention throughout the whole process and you’ll only get a good result via experimentation and experience. We think at the moment it’s better left in the hands of designers and writers but what’s good for the customer is how fast, diverse and powerful AI generated content can be in getting initial content together as a proof of concept for web designs and graphics.

Drag And Drop CMS

When new technologies are released we are always quick to try them out and we were an early adopter of drag and drop website design tools. Since then over 8.8 million websites around the world use the same drag and drop technology with over 5 million developers designing sites with it.

Drag and drop website design

Kodako Web Design And AI Productivity

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