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Web Design Adelaide

When we first developed a web design for an e-commerced website in Adelaide, it was around the early 1990’s. The Commonwealth bank had introduced basic tools for the development of e-commerce websites. You could literally develop the sites payment gateway in a matter of minutes while other banks, such as St George Bank was an absolute nightmare often taking weeks to integrate.

E-commerce Web Design

Since then payment gateways have been developed specifically for handling user’s credit card details using secure encrypted protocols. Using Stripe, Square or PayPal integration is relatively painless and straightforward with them offering a sandbox solution for initial testing of product purchases. This is important because beyond buying a product online there are a lot of other services triggered after that. Emails confirming the purchase, orders being emailed and fulfilled and then despatched with another follow up email to the user explaining the order status. Of course, it can get even more more complicated than this depending on how your online business operates, however, we always try to provide the easiest solutions.

The first decade or web design was all about using HTML, CSS and Javascript and involved a lot of time developing and testing content on various platforms using multiple browsers. We also used, the now out dated, Adobe Flash Player for multimedia content and used it with other software to build standalone software applications that could be commercially installed on both Mac and Windows platforms.

Motion Graphics And Animation

A lot has changed since the early days and we’ve moved onto new and exciting technologies that provide agile solutions for a faster, cheaper and easier experience for our clients. We pride ourselves on being one of the best web design providers using motion graphics and animation on the web and in our ebook publications.

We use numerous technologies to develop motion graphics and animation for the web. The latest being JSON animations which are ultra lightweight and designed to load fast and play back smoothly. We can run them once, multiple times, when a user scrolls to it or in a continuous loop. This type of animation is currently still being developed with only a handful of developers at the time of writing this blog post using the technology and Kodako has been using it since its inception.

The main benefits of using animation is to engage users and explain functions of a website quickly to the user. Animations used in combination with motion graphics provide an immersive experience for users and will keep users exploring the rest of the site’s content.

Website Content Management

We’ve always been conscience of how complex things can get for our clients managing an online business and we’ve responded by using technologies that make the process as simple as possible. It’s why we chose to develop with WordPress, an open source content management system that allows our users to work with an agile CMS combination that can adapt to changing business requirements rapidly. We designed Kodako Liquid, a small but powerful library of premium WordPress plugins that perform just about any task required on the net including dynamic content.

Kodako’s Liquid plugins are thoroughly tested ensuring there are no conflicts within the plugin library. We then deploy them on our own website first for testing and then update our client’s websites based on their requirements. Conscience of fast load up times we always using the bare minimum of premium plugins to ensure website integrity and load up speed remains fast.

Common Questions About Kodako Websites

How Long Does It Take To Design A Website


Web design in Adelaide takes Kodako designers around 2-4 weeks depending on how organised the client is. If you have all your written content and digital media assets developed and ready to upload your website can be up and running in days.

How Much Does A Web Design In Adelaide Cost


Web design in Adelaide by Kodako can cost from $1200 for a sole trader website, $2400 for a small business website and $3600 for an e-commerced website. Some websites require their own custom content and any additional requirements beyond our plans would be quoted via email. There are many web designers in Adelaide and it’s worth remembering the old adage “You Get What You Pay For”. While cheap web designs may be attractive initially, down the road it can cost a lot when you need something more specific that going to work with your target markets. At Kodako we design websites for your target markets using the latest drag and drop technologies so it’s easy for you to edit sophisticated websites

Which Web Hosting Service Is Best


At Kodako, we use SiteGround due to the technologies they use and their fantastic 24/7 support service. While we an affiliate of SiteGround and we earn a small commission for signups, we do not put any loading on the cost of web hosting. Our clients have full control over the backend at SiteGround and the frontend using WordPress. While we work with other managed WordPress hosting providers we still believe that SiteGround offers the best and fastest hosting solutions for our client’s websites.

Can I Edit My Own Website Content


Yes, at Kodako we’ve invested in drag and drop technologies that require no coding to edit. You can edit and redesign page content using multiple widgets that work together to form a page’s content. You may have text blocks that can be edited WISYWIG directly on the page or you may have images that you can swap using the built in media library which stores all your multimedia files. These file can also be used in your email marketing campaigns which can be designed using a drag and drop content management system.

Web Design In Adelaide

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Web Design Adelaide

Web Design In Adelaide

When we first developed a web design for an e-commerced website in Adelaide, it was around the early 1990’s. The Commonwealth bank had introduced basic tools for the development of e-commerce websites.

Web Design Adelaide
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