Website Collaboration Tools

Collaboration Tools For Websites, Graphics And Ebooks

No more confusing email chains, stick notes to designs and approve online.

Kodako Graphic Design Collaboration Tool

Web Design Collaboration

For businesses with multiple stakeholders, Kodako Website Design Adelaide uses online collaboration tools to move project development faster. Say goodbye to long email chains and telephone conversations and hello to Kodako’s collaboration tool. A collaboration tool that works in your browser without any need to install anything. It simply keeps everyone on the same page literally.

Login to your website and view and stick comments anywhere on any page for Kodako to change and make edits. It’s super easy and allows our designers to view your comments in context to the content so everyone is on the same page. Because you can apply multiple comments to multiple pages, our designers can make changes and notify you when it’s all ready to view. Once completed, tick the resolve checkbox and move on to any other alterations. 

Graphic Design Collaboration

Graphic designs and ebooks can be viewed and commented on using and viewing pdf’s in your browser. You can view multiple pages of designs and content for commenting. Zoom into designs to view fine details and approve designs for print and screen.

  • Comment on websites and subdomains, multiple pages and any section.
  • Comment and approve graphic designs for print and screen.
  • Assign specific designers to each task.
  • Mention designers or other users to notify them by email of any changes required.

You’ll find working with Kodako easy, fast and intuitive. It will save you time and therefore money and it’s all included as part of Kodako’s digital media design service.

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