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A New Website And PWA

Getting started with a Kodako website and progressive web app (PWA) is a simple two step process.

First you need to register a domain name and choose a website hosting plan. Using SiteGround, our domain registrar and web hosting affiliate, you can do both. Choose a plan, we recommend either GrowBig or GoGeek Plans initially, and you’ll then be prompted to register a domain during sign up, that’s it!

If you have an ABN, we recommend you register a domain name with a extension, otherwise if you don’t have an ABN, you can register a domain with an extension such as .com, .net, .biz or many others.

You can upgrade to faster cloud hosting plans or downgrade your hosting plan at anytime. When complete or if you want to migrate an existing WordPress site, please contact us.

Website Considerations

Website Menu

You need to work out a page hierarchy for you websites menu system. Start with your website’s main landing pages which appear as top level menu items visible on every page. Then determine their associated pages which will appear as sub menu items in a drop down menu. It’s important to consider your main landing pages carefully and ensure they are relevant to the content your target market may be searching for.

PWA Menu

PWA menus appear on mobile devices but are otherwise hidden on the desktop version. In general, PWA menus consist of five menu options that appear across the bottom of the screen in the form of icons with text names. It’s important to give users quick access to primary content while not using valuable screen realestate for the rest of your content.


Then create a list of primary keywords for each page in order of relevance. Keywords are words that your target market would use to search for your website’s content. These keywords will be used throughout your website’s copy and in your web page meta data which is visible to search engines. Researched keywords for each page will greatly improve your websites ranking in search results providing they are relevant to your page content.


Write a minimum of 350 words for each web page. The text content needs to be specific to each menu item. Use keywords a few times in titles, sub-titles and in the body of the text. Try to keep each sentence short using easy to understand language and keep it on topic. Ensure your most relevant keywords are in the first title and paragraph of each page. Search engines, such as Google and Bing, will be able to understand your page content and rank the page correctly in search results.


Each web page may also needs good quality images, graphics, illustrations and video. Quality media content with well written copy will engage with your target markets.  Photography that is at least 2Mb in size should be adequate for most web page designs. Our designers can also find quality stock photography and design any graphics you may require. In addition they can source and edit video which should be supplied as HD video 1920 x 1080px or 4K. 

Website Migration

If you have an existing website we may be able to migrate it to a staging site where we can redesign the content. If your email accounts are using MS Office 365, your registrar will need to make minor alterations to your A-records to point your domain name at the new servers while maintaining your email accounts. We will supply you with the new server IP addresses

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