LocoBitz Reborn NFT Collection

LocoBitz NFT Animates

Recently we’ve been working with LocoBitz to animate a series of NFTs made from foundry patterns used to make moulds for casting iron parts and finishing them into precision components for steam trains. The patterns were all hand crafted by high skilled craftspeople and have now been immortalised on the block chain as the very cool NFT LocoBitz Reborn Collection.

The Collection

Kodako was given a brief based on the families that make up the NFT collection. Each family of NFTs have their place in the LocoVerse where visitors to the the site can navigate their way through a variety of different immersive environments. Unlike other metaverses, getting around is fast and going from one area to another is easy to accomplish, pick a door or spot on the navigation map.

screenshot 2024 06 03 at 12.54.39 pm

First Big Drop

The first drop of this amazing collection of NFT’s will be on FRIDAY, JUNE 21 so go to the website as early as possible as these NFTs will not last long. We think less than 20 mins so first in first serve. The NFT’s to collect will be one of the very rare Red Royalz and any other Royalz however there are many favourites and animates to drop in the future. We think this collection is the NFT must have collection of 2024, just fantastic and original.

locobitz 2

We think this collection from the Screwfacez family resemble a very famous couple and their lawyer but you be the judge. You’ll find them where the Screwfacez hangout in Locoverse, check it out.

FRIDAY, JUNE 21, https://locobitz.com

P.S. make sure to visit the LocoBaa and hear the Naked Skullz playing.

LocoBitz Reborn NFT Collection

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