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We recently decided to develop a fully e-commerced site that used a Print On Demand, POD model. We wanted to develop a WooCommerce / Stripe with a POD art gallery to show how artists, designers and photographers could develop and manage their own POD online business. We looked at a few POD companies operating around the world and we decided to go with Printful. The company is able to produce affordable framed prints that use resource sustainable blank materials and environmentally friendly printing processes.

At Kodako we’ve had decades of hands on experience with large format digital printers. We understand colour fidelity and print quality and how important it is to creative individuals which is why we integrated with a company that uses the latest Epson printers and materials.

How Does It Work

We’ve found there are two ways of working with the Printful API, WooCommerce and Stripe.

First, you can simply upload your high resolution print file to your Printful account’s print files and generate a mockup that is automatically transferred to your site as a new product with pricing and a description.

Second after uploading your high resolution print file to your account you can choose to generate a range of mockups that you’ll need to upload yourself to each product and variation if required.

Working With Products

What you’ll find is you need to have a high resolution file uploaded to your Printful account before you can generate and sync a product with it’s pricing. Pricing is declared on Printful initially and those prices are transferred to your online gallery for each product and product variation such as size and colour.

Changing the prices requires a re-syncing of your product which can be achieved from either WooCommerce if prices are changed in WordPress or from Printful by selecting sync after edit have been made.

The Biggest Downside

When you have products with variations and you are using the WooCommerce variations plugin it doesn’t appear to export the data correctly as a .csv which is critically important for large online stores. We’ve been in contact with developers and we’re still waiting at the time of writing this for a fix. Otherwise if you don’t have lot of products with a lot of variations then it’s easy to edit in either platform.

E-Commerce Design

Once upon a time WooCommerce pages were not too good in design. The fonts and colours and even the layout would often be a problem, changes often meant tedious hours of .css overwriting. It often never looked like the rest of the site and looked rather like a tacked on after thought. Further to that it never offered a Thank you page after a client has purchased something.

Recently in 2021 there was an upgrade to the design tools available with the technologies we use to provide us with ability to fully stylise the checkout process from:

  • Mini-cart that appears on the right side as a fly in menu system
  • Shopping Cart that allows clients to view their shopping and make edits or apply coupons.
  • Checkout that allows users to pay for goods using their credit card via Stripe secure payment gateway
  • Order Summary page where clients are thanked and orders are confirmed sent. The user can view a summary of the order and use the order number to track the item.

New Design Tools

At Kodako we’ve never been afraid of new technology, in fact we embrace and give it a go to see what it can do for our clients. We test it and decide if it’s good enough to use commercially after reading reviews and contacting the suppliers for support. We measure each piece of technology we combine by both back end and front end design. We specialise in drag and drop web technologies because that’s what our clients like to use. Anything but code, that’s fast and easy to use.


Kodako is a remote web design agency based around Adelaide but we can train anyone anywhere using Zoom. We broadcast our screens and you can ask questions while being logged in to your site as we go. We’ll take you through everything you need to know about managing your e-commerced online business.

Click here to view the site using Kodako web design for e-commerce utilising WordPress, WooCommerce and a secure Stripe payment gateway.

POD Print On Demand

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