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To get started with a new graphic design project you’ll need to make some considerations.

Corporate Identity

It is important to first design your brand identity, your logo, corporate colours and styling, including fonts, font weights and font sizes. How spacing is used within your graphic design layouts and most importantly, what content should be included for each design, ie contact details etc. Most graphic designs for business are for the purposes of establishing a brand and identity amongst numerous competitors or to promote your brand, products and services. It needs to be easily identified. Other purposes may include marketing or educating, however, it’s important to establish the primary goal, the reason for specific graphic design work and ensure the correct print type is selected.

Proofing, Signing Off And Printing

Kodako will deliver your designs online using a unique URL that uses our online collaboration tool that works in your browser. You can easily view, stick comments and approve designs just using the simple drag and drop UI with no additional software required. Approved designs will be delivered to you via email as high quality .pdf files suitable for colour printing. Larger print files will be delivered to you via WeTransfer. You can then upload the file to your preferred print house. You can also use WeTransfer to do this and email them the link.

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