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Graphic design for business, screen and print.

Logo, icon, business card, letterhead, poster and brochure graphic design.

Graphic Design Adelaide

Kodako graphic design agency Adelaide creates business graphics for screen and print. Our designs ensure your branding appears consistent across all media channels. Kodako specialise in pixel perfect logo and icon design, infographics, photography, illustration, animation and business publications.

Understanding your business direction and target markets is essential to successful branding strategies. Researching your place in the current market and how your competitors are placed against you defines points of difference. A point of difference is a good place to start with your branding and marketing strategy. Logo design is central to branding. Kodako can design your logo to be memorable and look great in colour or black and white. Iconic logos are our specialty for print and screen.

Graphic Design Types

Logo design

Icon design

Business stationery

Corporate style guides

Promotional banners and posters

Product photo editing

Vector artwork and infographics

DL flyers and presentation folders

PDF publications for print and screen

Design Style Guides

Publish a corporate style guide before you invest in marketing. A corporate style guide will include detailed information on all graphic assets. Corporate colours and how they can be used with your logo. Font usage such as characters, style, sizes, weights, colours and spacing. Font pairing to allow greater flexibility in design. Layout considerations such as spacing between content.

Online marketing is a large part of business activity and style guides should also consider digital assets. UI design elements, web fonts and colours can be included. Achieve a highly professional corporate identity by keeping asset consistency across all media channels. Kodako graphic design Adelaide can create your style guide as a .pdf. It can be used by your business and other key stakeholders. We include the details your identity assets. A corporate style guide is an ever evolving publications that will change over the years. Keep it consistent by publishing and updating it as required. Distribute a copy to all employees, marketers and designers for consistent branding.

Kodako Style Guide


From startups to established businesses, branding is an essential part of establishing a business in a market. Understanding how your business is perceived in the marketplace is crucial to how branding should be designed. Branding creates the initial experience customers will have of your business. Business stationery, websites, signage and marketing collateral all work together to form your branding. So it’s important to design branding that is memorable and instills a sense of trust and experience.

Consistency in brand style is essential to achieving a customers confidence in your brand. It often determines whether they make contact with you and purchase your goods or services. Kodako has extensive brand development experience. Designing branding for customers in your target markets is paramount therefore understanding your target markets is crucial. Kodako graphic design Adelaide can design branding that is focused on your target markets.

Product Branding

Stationery Graphic Design

Stationery collateral is designed inline with your corporate style guide and identity. Each item in your stationery kit represents the style of your corporate identity but also needs to be a functional asset for your business.

Although communications are largely online, there will always be a need for printed stationery. Creating a good impression in print is vital to creating a good relationship with new clients. Business cards, submitting proposals or sending a brochure in an envelope via mail all create an impression. Details such as stationery stock and background colours and support graphics all need to be considered to achieve a positive result. Kodako graphic design Adelaide can design your business stationery inline with your style guide to produce a professional identity that is both memorable and professional. With the Kodako Design Editor you can add comments quickly and easily to all aspects of stationery design work.e

Stationery Design

Booklet And Poster Design

Corporate publications need to be designed inline with a style guide. Continuity in publications is a key objective. To project professionalism, integrity and sense of purpose requires continuity. Well designed font pairing, photography, infographics, illustrations and layout will achieve the right result with your target markets. Therefore, understanding the intention of the publication, your products, services and the industries you work with is fundamental.

With over 26 years of print design experience we’ve designed large national and local business publications. From posters, A4 flyers to service and product guides and booklets. Our management processes keep projects on track. Layouts can include stock photography, infographics and illustrations to breakup often large blocks of text while keeping the publication engaging. Kodako graphic design Adelaide can work with your printers or we can suggest a printer for the job to supply a quote direct to you.

Note: Print jobs need to be booked well in advance therefore if you have a deadline it must be booked in with the printer beforehand. As designers we also need lead time to put it together, proof it and make alterations. All copy for publications should be delivered spell checked, edited and proof read while all images should be included as separate high resolution RGB files.


Icon Designs For PWA

Progressive web apps often require icon designs for quick links to content.

Kodako websites can incorporate bespoke designed icons that are pixel perfect and can be sized to any scale. From flat 2d to sylised 3d, our icon designs will work perfectly with your PWA.

Working With Kodako

Preview, comment in context to the design work and approve design workflows using your browser. Say goodbye to long email chains and confusing messages, with Kodako’s collaboration tool you’ll be able to stay in control of every design aspect.

Kodako designers will email you a unique URL which will allow you to view all our design work on screen and stick comments to any aspect that you want to change and approve designs.  Kodako’s online collaboration tool is a game changer and will save you time, money and frustration. 

Printing And Uploading Files

Approved designs will be delivered as high quality .pdf for colour printing. You can upload print job yourself to your preferred print house for printing and delivery. In addition, you can provide the Kodako collaboration link to your print house as an electronic proof of the design work required. Larger print files will be delivered to you via WeTransfer. You can then upload the file to your preferred print house or you can also use the free to use WeTransfer site to deliver your files, just email them the link with your print specifications as an attached note.

Price Guide

All design work will be quoted and once approved, is delivered as high quality print ready PDFs.

Logo Design

Scaleable Vector Logo Design
From AU$ 450
  • Vector Artwork
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Colour And B/W
  • Screen And Print PDF

Business Stationery

PDF Designs For Print
From AU$ 450
  • Business Card
  • Letterhead
  • With Compliments
  • Email Footer

Marketing Booklet

10 Pg Print And Screen PDF
From AU$ 850
  • Front Cover Design
  • Table Of Contents
  • Photo Editing
  • Infographics
  • Illustrations

Graphic Designs For Online Businesses

Everything You Need For An Online Business
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