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With over thirty years of experience, Kodako has been producing quality graphic designs and illustrations for businesses throughout Adelaide and Australia. Our designs are specifically crafted to maintain a cohesive brand identity across all media channels. Kodako can provide pixel perfect logo and icon designs.

A successful branding strategy hinges on a clear understanding of your business direction and target markets. Thorough research into your position in the current market is crucial, as it defines your points of difference against your competitors. These points of difference are essential starting points for your branding and marketing strategy. And when it comes to branding, a memorable logo design is paramount. Kodako specialises in crafting iconic logo designs that look great in both print and on-screen, ensuring your branding stands out from the crowd.

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We generate corporate logos by offering different design proofs based on a business’s specific brand criteria, such as colour schemes, fonts, and symbols. We’ll design an initial number of logo variations, making the design process more efficient and effective. Businesses can save time and money selecting the variation to develop further to create the finished brand identity.

Logo And Branding Design

Branding is crucial for success, whether you’re a startup or established business. It creates the first impression of your business through various channels, such as stationery, websites, signage, and marketing collateral. Your brand identity should be memorable and inspire trust and experience in your customers. Kodako can help you create unique branding that stands out from the competition.

Consistency in brand style is crucial to building customer confidence as it can determine whether they choose to engage with your business. It can also influence their decision to purchase your goods and services. With extensive experience in brand development, Kodako understands the importance of designing branding that resonates with your target markets. By taking the time to understand your customers, we can create graphic designs that effectively connect with and engage your audience. Kodako can design branding that inspires customer confidence and drives business growth.
Graphic Design Adelaide Product Branding

Style Guides

A corporate style guide guarantees consistent branding across various channels, reinforcing brand recognition and loyalty. It covers typography, colour, imagery, messaging, and more to create a strong brand identity, necessary for success in today’s competitive marketplace.

Graphic Design Adelaide Style Guide

Stationery Design

Each graphic asset will work with your corporate style guide and identity. Each item in your stationery kit represents the style of your corporate identity. These are branding assets for your business.

Each of your graphic assets should align with your corporate style guide and identity, as they play a critical role in representing your business’s brand. Whether it’s your business cards, letterheads, or any other item in your stationery kit, each of these assets represents a vital component of your corporate identity. They are all critical branding assets for your business, helping to create a consistent and professional image that resonates with your customers. With Kodako’s expertise in brand development, you can trust that each of your graphic assets will be expertly crafted to reflect your unique brand identity.

Graphic Design Adelaide Stationery

Booklet And Poster Design

Achieving continuity in your publications is essential to projecting a sense of professionalism, integrity, and purpose. To achieve this goal, it’s important to focus on well-designed font pairing and layout. By carefully considering the intention of your publication, we can ensure that our design choices align with your goals and effectively communicate your message to your audience. Kodako has the expertise in graphic design to create visually stunning publications that reflect your brand identity and drive engagement with your customers.

With over 25 years of experience in print design, Kodako has the expertise to design engaging national and local business publications. From posters and A4 flyers to service and product guides and booklets, we can handle all your print design needs. Our management processes ensure that your projects stay on track, and our layouts can include a range of features, including stock photography, infographics, and illustrations. We can work with your printers or suggest a printer for the job, providing you with a direct quote.

Please note that print jobs require advanced booking to ensure that deadlines can be met. As designers, we also require lead time to put together, proofread, and make any necessary alterations. When emailing us copy for publications, please ensure that it has been spell-checked, and all images are separate high-resolution RGB files in .jpg or .png format. Trust in Kodako to deliver high-quality print designs that meet your business’s needs and elevate your brand image.

3D Visualisations

Kodako can model and brand 3D visualisations of your business products. Useful before going to print.

Engaging with your target markets on social media is essential for understanding how your products will perform. To achieve this goal, 3D visuals are a fast and cost-effective way to determine the best graphic design for your products. By using 3D visuals, you can showcase your products in a way that is visually engaging and provides your target audience with a clear understanding of their features and benefits. Kodako can create stunning 3D visuals that help you stand out on social media and drive engagement.

Working With Kodako

Printing And Uploading Files

Kodako Print Graphics

Approved designs will be emailed as high quality .pdf for colour printing. You can upload the print job yourself to your preferred print house. Larger print files will be sent to you via Kodako designers can work with templates that many printers now offer.

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