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FAQ Web Design

We design responsive websites and progressive web apps (PWA) for local businesses in Adelaide, Adelaide Hills, Mt Barker, Victor Habor, Goolwa and Strathalbyn. We use Zoom and collaboration software to work with our clients in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart and Darwin. We can demonstrate our drag and drop technologies for both website designs and email marketing designs. CMS training videos are available for each widget.

Our website designs are among the most affordable compared to other agencies in Australia. Kodako’s pricing is starting from $1200 with an initial 20% deposit. Additional payments at different stages of development can be paid or paid in full on completion as per supplied quote.

If your organised and have an idea of your menu structure and have text and photos ready to work with your site can be online within 7 days of the initial signup. If your site is e-commerced and you have product photos that need to be optimised it may take 2-3 weeks to get your online shop tested and running. E-commerced sites however can take months to complete depending on requirements and are developed step by step. Kodako develops ecommerce sites using a staging site initially which uses a subdomain URL such as: https://staging.companyname.com.au. When the development is approved we can then migrate it to your hosting account at SiteGround and push it live. 

Yes, all our websites use a database and clients can subscribe to your newsletters or email marketing. Kodako websites include up to 1000 subscribers to receive email marketing content free via MailPoet. Larger subscription lists will require a monthly payment. Subscriptions can be configured to use other email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, MailerLite, ConvertKit, Drip, Slack, Discord and SalesForce.

We design email marketing assets. We can design for any email marketing templates your email marketing platform offers. By default we use MailPoet templates and sending service for use in WordPress. Kodako websites can be integrated to work with most of the major email marketing platforms.

If you require a commerced site then opening an account with either Stripe, PayPal or Eway is the easiest and cheapest way to get payed. Using bank payment gateways will often include hidden fees and expensive commissions and we do not recommend any payment gateways offered by banks currently.

WooCommerce is a free plugin that allows you to sell both physical and digital products online. It integrates with payment gateways and can use a number of premium addons that add additional functionality such as memberships, bookings and product variations. Kodako uses WooCommerce for all commerced sites we design. It’s by far the most popular method of selling online and is far more economical than other alternatives such as Shopify or BigCommerce. WooCommerce was recently upgraded to include analytics and a new administration section all managed in WordPress.

Yes, Kodako sites are compatible with plugins that have been tested to be compatible with latest version of WordPress. Some plugins may be old and it’s wise to view when they were last updated. You will be warned via the dashboard if a plugin has not been tested with the current version of WordPress. Kodako spends a lot of time evaluating many plugins so contact us before installation and will provide advice on any possible conflicts or performance issues that may arise.

Yes, Kodako websites are all responsive and are designed to be fast with fully optimised content for mobile first design. Your media library will only have optimised content for use on any page of your website. Our websites are optimised to work with our affiliate SiteGround to load fast and be easy to use on mobile devices.

Get in contact with us via email and tell us what the problem is. Please leave your phone number as we will probably ring you to talk you through any issues you may be having otherwise we will fix the problem and notify you by email. Kodako does not support any 3rd party plugins that are installed and clients are advised to contact the plugin supplier directly through their plugin support pages respectively. We only use plugins that are stable and have good support and good reviews.

Kodako accepts payments via credit card or bank transfer. 

FAQ Motion Graphics

Kodako specialises in lightweight animations for websites and progressive web apps. We use code to produce motion graphics with animated vector artwork. We use .svg format for crisp clean artwork that is fast to load and looks great on screen.

We can design simple motion graphic videos to complex character animations with voice over and background music. We also animate Lottie animated content for websites.

Depending on the type of animation style and running time, most 30 second productions will take around 2 – 3 weeks to deliver. Longer more complex animations can take more than a month to complete especially if there are sound effects, music and voice over required. It’s always best to plan weeks in advance if you have a deadline to meet. Kodako cannot meet deadlines if sufficient time has not been allocated.

Yes we use AI voiceover recordings allowing us to be agile in the narrative of any video based content we develop. AI voiceovers have come along way with natural inflections in each sentence resulting in a less robotic performance. There are a choice of international accents with voice over artists ranging in age and gender.

Yes, we produce each video in HD format and can then resample to different screen resolutions. Many social media platforms such as Twitter will automatically optimise and size your video when uploading.

Kodako accepts payments via credit card or bank transfer.

Yes, we can design animated GIF’s for use on websites, social media and in email marketing campaigns. Animated GIFs on social media and in email marketing will have strict screen and file size requirements and Kodako can advise you on what’s is possible for each deployment. The same animated GIF can be published in numerous screen sizes for multiple deployments.

Kodako was one of the first web design agencies in Australia to adopt Lottie files into our design pipeline. Lottie files are lightweight animations that are vector based and scaleable. The files are in JSON format making them extremely fast to load. We use them on the Kodako website and our clients.

FAQ Graphic Design

We design graphic publications for business including logos, business cards, letterheads, style guides, booklets, posters and post cards. We create high quality PDF files for print and deliver them to you for printing. Most print houses now accept print files uploaded online therefore you can determine the printer you want to use for the print job. Your printer will be able to produce a proof of the print job before they go ahead and it’s important for you to inspect this before proceeding. Our PDF’s are supplied in RGB format and your printer will convert this to CMYK for printing. Because of this, you will notice the CMYK colour reproduction to be duller compared to the RGB screen version therefore it’s vital to view a printed colour proof so adjustments can be made before committing to the final print run.

Logos are designed to work in both colour and B/W for printing purposes. We also design an icon to work on websites and progressive web apps. Overall, logos can take up to a 1-2 weeks however depending on the brief it may take a much shorter time. We will generally supply a couple of versions and be able to make alterations within reason.

If we have all the copy and digital assets required for the print job, it may take a few days for a 4 – 6 page booklet. You can preview our design work online via our collaboration tool. All you need is a browser and you don’t need to install anything. You can stick notes to different parts of the design and approve the design to receive a final PDF file via email or wetransfer.com for larger files.

Kodako accepts payments via credit card or bank transfer.

Yes, we can render HD 3D visualisations of product packaging and produce images with new signage designs from photos of your business location. We can import .obj files from 3rd party suppliers or we can model them.

FAQ Ebook Design

Ebooks will vary from title to title. Fictional books such as a novel will be quicker to publish compared with most non-fiction titles. Overall it may take between 1-3 months before your title is ready for distribution. If the title is to be printed you must allow for an additional month for printing and distribution to resellers.

Depending on the type of illustration style and finishing, each illustration will take a day to complete. On average, a dozen illustrations may take 2-3 weeks to complete. All our illustrations are digital using the latest advances in digital paint software. We can achieve a huge variety of finishes from charcoal to water colour to thick impasto oil paint.

You can supply photography yourself or we can use stock photography as required. We will quote and supply preview versions of all stock photography. If you decide to supply photography, please supply at minimum 100% size and at 300 dpi resolution. Use wetransfer.com for large files and put them in a single folder.

Yes, our ebooks can use video, photography, animation and illustrated vector artwork that is fully scaleable to any print size. For example we can use vector artwork for illustrations in both an ebook and printed book and also use them to create bill-board posters. We can also use motion graphics allowing us to move, scale and dissolve in different content within an ebook. In addition, we specialise in designing lightweight short animated chapter headers to help engage readers.

Yes, our ebooks can be dynamically navigated via a Table Of Contents. We can also provide convenient graphical short links back to the TOC from any page.

Yes, Kodako can design a commerced website where users can purchase and download your digital content including ebooks, images and video.

Yes we can include hyperlinks in your ebook back to your website landing pages or any other online resource required.

Kodako accepts payments via credit card or bank transfer.