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Kodako by default will install MailPoet for clients who want a powerful and affordable email marketing platform built into their website’s dashboard. Kodako will design both newsletter templates and welcome templates for on-boarding new clients on all website plans. For clients who want to design their own emails they will be able to use a drag and drop user interface that is intuitive to use. With over 50 responsive starter templates that can be fully customised to whatever you want, you’ll find the drag and drop platform quick and easy to use with excellent documentation and videos. You can quickly add content and images directly from your media library in WordPress with no need to upload digital assets and graphics again to third-party services or platforms. Send to 1000 subscribers free and upgrade your account when you need more. You’ll get more features at a fraction of the cost of other platforms such as MailChimp.

Kodako email marketing default emails.

Manage Subscribers

Welcome new subscribers with a custom on-boarding email that you can design and enjoy open rates of 40% and higher. For Kodako clients with blogs, automatically send email updates to let subscribers know about your latest posts every day, week, or month, and bring them back to your website. Subscribers can manage their own account by subscribing to different available marketing lists or simply unsubscribe at any time.

Manage email marketing subscribers.

Designed For WordPress

Create email updates and newsletters your subscribers can’t wait to open with beautifully designed templates you can customise to match your corporate brand. With plenty of design options, and advanced formatting features your emails will look professional. Fonts, colours, images, spacing, buttons and more are all part of the styling. Always know how your emails look with quick previews sent straight to your inbox before you send.

Design email marketing templates and content.
Email Marketing

Email Marketing Analytics

Get insights into your visitors and their behaviour through visual reports. Track opens, clicks, and unsubscribes. Learn what content works, what doesn’t work, refine your email strategy, and optimise your email campaigns for next time. Analyze your email campaigns’ performance and learn more about your subscribers. Get a wealth of data from opens and clicks and see the bigger picture behind your successes and failures.

For every email campaign and newsletter you send, see who opened it and which links they clicked. Track your results so you can send better subject lines and content, and keep raising the bar.

Tracking And Performance

Quickly determine if your calls-to-action buttons are working. Understand your target markets by which links are subscribers clicking and not clicking. Dig into the data beyond your open rate. Simply sending emails isn’t enough—knowing how subscribers interact with your emails is critical to improving their performance.


MailPoet was recently purchased by Automatic, the same company that develops WooCommerce. It’s expected with the same developers of MailPoet still employed in their current role that MailPoet will develop faster and integrate closer with WooCommerce in future updates.

With the combination of MailPoet with WooCommerce you can encourage customers to subscribe to your newsletter at checkout. In just a few clicks, you can add a GDPR-friendly sign-up form to your WooCommerce checkout page to collect emails and drive repeat purchases.

Send personalised recommendations to customers based on their previous purchases, including specific products and categories. Don’t leave money on the table thanks to cart abandonment recovery. Every time a customer shops your WooCommerce store, turn that data into automated emails that are super relevant and timely.

Manage WooCommerce events.


Segmentation makes it easy to send emails to subscribers that open and click links in your emails. Segment your lists based on opens and clicks and put your email campaigns to work. For commerced sites, segment your customers based on their buying habits, including what they’ve previously bought and when. With segmentation and automation, you can anticipate what your users want—and always be one step ahead.

Google Analytics

When subscribers read your emails and click-through to your website, what do they do next? Find out using Google Analytics campaigns. Get meaningful insights into who your subscribers are and how they use your website so you can better segment and target specific audiences with your emails.

Email Marketing Starter Templates

Kodako can design email templates with your corporate branding for use on your preferred email marketing platform. With MailPoet, we can design a series of templates for use throughout the year. You can load the template and change text and replace images from your WordPress media library or upload new media.

Email Marketing Templates
Email Marketing Templates

Kodako can design a range of bespoke email templates for every sale period throughout the year. You can then edit the finer details to suit your email campaigns. Contact us to chat about email marketing using a Kodako website and MailPoet.

Email Marketing – MailPoet 3

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