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Email Marketing Design Adelaide

Kodako designs graphics for email marketing content and can integrate your website into all the leading email marketing platforms. We integrate subscription forms with email marketing platforms including: MailPoet 3, MailChimp,  GetResponse, ConvertKit, Drip, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, MailerLite, Slack, Discord and SalesForce.

Kodako websites includes a premium version of MailPoet that has both newsletter templates and welcome templates to get you started. We can design email content that you can edit in the future to whatever you want. You’ll find the drag and drop platform easy and intuitive to use. You can quickly add content and images directly from your media library in WordPress with no need to use third-party services or platforms outside WordPress. Kodako can design all types of bespoke graphic assets for all your email marketing campaigns. Send to 1000 subscribers free and upgrade your MailPoet account when you need more. You can design campaigns and manage subscribers with ease, all from within WordPress. Alternatively, we can design content for your existing email marketing platform.


Edit your email designs easily using drag and drop
Auto configure welcome email to new subscribers
Manage subscribers lists and segmentation
Auto share blog updates
Simple automation and workflow
Track opens, clicks, subscribes and unsubscribes

Manage Subscribers

Welcome new subscribers with a custom onboarding email that you can design and enjoy open rates of 40% and higher. For Kodako clients with blogs, automatically send email updates to let subscribers know about your latest posts every day, week, or month, and bring them back to your website. Subscribers can manage their own account by subscribing to different available email marketing lists or simply unsubscribe at any time.

Designed For Online Business

Create email updates and newsletters your subscribers can’t wait to open with beautifully designed templates you can customise to match your corporate brand. With plenty of design options, and advanced formatting features your emails will look professional. Fonts, colours, images, spacing, buttons and more are all part of the styling. Always know how your emails look with quick previews sent straight to your inbox before you send.

Email Marketing Drag And Drop Editing

Email Marketing Analytics

Get insights into your visitors and their behaviour through visual reports. Track opens, clicks, and unsubscribes. Learn what content works, what doesn’t work, refine your email strategy, and optimise your email campaigns for next time. Analyze your email campaigns’ performance and learn more about your subscribers. Get a wealth of data from opens and clicks and see the bigger picture behind your successes and failures.

For every email campaign and newsletter you send, see who opened it and which links they clicked. Track your results so you can send better subject lines and content, and keep raising the bar.

Tracking And Performance

Quickly determine if your calls-to-action buttons are working. Understand your target markets by which links are subscribers clicking and not clicking. Dig into the data beyond your open rate. Simply sending emails isn’t enough—knowing how subscribers interact with your emails is critical to improving their performance.


Segmentation makes it easy to send emails your subscribers care about and want to open. Segment your lists based on opens and clicks and put your data to work.

Google Analytics

When subscribers read your emails and click-through to your website, what do they do next? Find out using Google Analytics campaigns. Get meaningful insights into who your subscribers are and how they use your website so you can better segment and target specific audiences with your emails.

Email Marketing Designs

At Kodako we can design a suite of email templates for your business to use throughout the year. You’ll be able to edit the content as your requirements change.

View How It Works

Click the subscribe button below and subscribe to see how the on-boarding process works. You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your subscription and then a Welcome Email containing a custom layout with our latest blog posts. You can always unsubscribe from the link in the Welcome Email where you will be sent to a page on our site where you can manage your subscription details including unsubscribing. We can design a popup subscribe form to appear anywhere on your site such as on specific pages, after clicking a number of times or leaving the site.


Content Marketing

Kodako can create content specific designs for your business blog and online PDF brochures. Brochures develop brand awareness, create leads to new markets and drive traffic to your site.

Social Media Marketing

Creating new content for social media channels can be challenging but at Kodako we can conduct research into what is trending in your target markets. We can advise on content to drive traffic and create graphic assets for your media library. We can design 12 months of social media content to be used throughout each year.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC drives traffic to your website. You only pay Google or Facebook when your content is clicked on and linked to one of your landing pages. A well designed ad and landing page can drive traffic into a sales funnel where each step of the conversion is carefully designed to avoid abandonment.

Drag And Drop Email Marketing For WordPress

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