Ebook Design Adelaide

Design And Illustration Of Ebooks For Android And IOS

Design of multimedia ebooks , illustration, motion graphics and cover designs.

Ebook Design Adelaide

Ebook Design Adelaide

Kodako ebook design Adelaide is an ebook design service for self publishing authors. We design multimedia ebooks for the latest MacOS and Android devices. Using the .epub format, we design both reflowable (text only) and fixed (multimedia) layouts in portrait or landscape. Layouts for both platforms are created simultaneously and is included in all pricing. We publish ebooks for travel, business, food, sport, education, science, entertainment and more. In addition to the .epub format we also design and publish marketing .pdf documents for online distribution via your website, ideal for on-boarding new subscribers. 


Published for Android and IOS devices
Cover designs
Fixed layout .epub for text and media
Reflowable layout .epub for text only
Digital illustrations for kids ebooks
Digital infographics for business ebooks
Video and photography
TOC navigation
Motion graphics

Ebook Illustrations For Kids

Kodako designers can create illustrations for young readers. Working with author briefs and understanding the tone and style of the written ebook provides our illustrators the information they need to realise a style of illustration suitable for the story. Finishes in watercolours, pastels, oils and acrylics are all available using digital media.

Our illustrators will work on specific characters and scenes to develop a style that works with the layout of the ebook. Initially illustrated in black and white as a draft for the author’s approval and then rendered in colour to complete the visual style and overall look of the ebook.
Ebook Illustration Ipad
Ebook Illustration Ipad

Character And Scene Illustrations

Kodako ebook design Adelaide will first create a series of hand drawn drafts. Drafts are created in black and white. Thereafter, we will email you a unique link to view using your browser. Working with Kodako allows you to easily preview all work and comment on illustrations using electronic sticky notes so we can get detailed feedback in context to the illustrations and layout. Once approved, we recreate the drafts as colour artwork. Finally, they are previewed again online for the author’s final approval.

From rough draft to final illustration using Kodako’s unique methods of development online. View some of Kodako’s digital scene artworks here.

Ebook Covers

Get relevant readers responding to your ads and heading to your shop page with a good cover design. Once there, a good design will communicate the tone and content of your ebook. Getting more of the right readers to buy and download often relies on a good cover initially. Good covers improve your chances of positive reviews and ratings, consequently, sending you up the shop’s rankings. As a result, a well designed cover gives your book greater visibility, leading to more downloads.

Kodako ebook design will start with a rough draft in B/W to determine fonts and composition. Our designers use online collaboration tools so you can preview and make comments regarding your book content online. Authors can approve cover designs and view previous versions. Furthermore, it’s important to determine if the ebook will be printed also because this may affect the artwork’s aspect ratio. 

Ebook Cover Designs

ISBN Numbers And Bar Codes

ISBN numbers and a bar code is essential for reselling your ebooks and printed books. We recommend purchasing 10 ISBN numbers and 1 barcode package from Thorpe-Bowker Identifier Services, an Australian ISBN Agency. Each publication should have it’s own ISBN, one for Android, one for IOS, one for print and so on.

The ISBN is a unique identifier for a book that specifies its format, edition, author and publisher. Other reasons to purchase an ISBN for your title, include:

  • An ISBN improves the likelihood your book will be found and purchased.
  • An ISBN links to essential information about your book.
  • An ISBN enables more efficient marketing and distribution of your title.
  • Most retailers require an ISBN.
  • An ISBN helps you collect and analyse book sales data.
  • An ISBN ensures your book’s information will be stored in the Books In Print database.
  • Books In Print is consulted by publishers, retailers and libraries around world when searching for title information.

Ebook Distribution

Kodako ebook design Adelaide does not distribute ebooks to any resellers. We prefer authors deliver upload their ebooks to resellers and distributors ensuring all the profits from sales goes to them. Security (Digital Rights Management or DRM) and encryption for .epub files are available from numerous suppliers online therefore should be researched before distribution. The purpose of DRM is to prevent unauthorised redistribution of digital media and restrict the ways consumers can copy content they’ve purchased. Kodako does not offer this service currently, however, Apple, Google, Amazon and Kobo are secure platforms to sell from. Kodako can design a website for your ebook titles to be sold from using Stripe or PayPal.

Ebook publishing and distribution is subject to conditions set by Google, Apple, Amazon and Kobo. Other aggregator organisations also may have alternative conditions and consequently ebooks may require code within the .epub to be edited. Moreover, these conditions change frequently and are beyond the control of Kodako. Nevertheless, we will endeavour to edit .epub code to meet any new conditions.

Ebook files are delivered in a .epub format suitable for uploading to Apple and Google. Amazon requires their own format .azw to be supplied which Kodako does not support. However, there are numerous converters online that authors can use for free. Convert an .epub format to .azw or the older .mobi format. Create a .azw or .mobi for kindle readers using the free to download KindleGen, a command based converter or Kindle Previewer with a UI.

Note: We do not currently support, edit or export .azw or .mobi files because these formats are Amazon ebook formats and not open source. Kodako only works with open source formats such as .epub. In addition, the .mobi format does not support multimedia, motion effects or interactive content.

Ask us about a .epub sample ebook for free distribution containing a few pages of your ebook. Include some illustrations so buyers can sample the style and tone of your ebook. Samples can be used to promote other publications by you and include links to your website and online shop. Kodako can design a website for you to promote your new ebook.

Getting Started

At Kodako we believe getting an ebook published doesn’t need to be rocket science. All ebook submissions to Kodako ebook design in Adelaide remain confidential. In addition, all copyrights are respected. Manuscripts delivered to us should be spell checked and professionally edited. Using a professional editor to edit your copy is highly recommended. A good editor can make a good book into a best seller.

When spell checked and edited, upload your manuscript to us and include any instructions regarding placement of illustrations. We accept files in most text editor and media formats. 

For cover designs, Kodako has access to large libraries of commercial stock photography. Photography is often used in a cover design for most ebook genres, while illustrated ebooks, will usually have an illustrated cover. Our designers will suggest photographs or illustrations for your consideration.

Note: A 20% deposit of the quote will be required before any work commences as per our terms. Transfer of all content and copyright to the author is made upon final payment. Any additional editing of copy while designing may reflow content, therefore, additional editing may attract additional charges at our hourly rate. Authors will be advised via email of any additional hourly charges before work commences.

Price Guide

Alterations will be subject to our hourly studio rate of AUD $70 per hour. All design work will be quoted before commencing any design or illustration work. Illustration and cover design prices are guides only and will be quoted.

Fixed Format - Multimedia

Per Page Layout
AU $ 35
  • Mac & Android
  • Table Of Contents
  • Interactive Navigation
  • Motion Effects
  • Portrait or Landscape
  • Multimedia

Reflowable - Text

Per Page Layout
AU $ 12
  • Mac & Android
  • Table Of Contents
  • Chapter Headers
  • Portrait & Landscape

Ebook Illustrations

Per Illustration
AU $ 285
  • Hand Painted Digital
  • High Resolution
  • For Print And Screen
  • B/W Rough Drafts
  • Online Proofing
  • Scene Development

Ebook Cover Design

IOS And Android Inclusive
AU $ 450
  • Title Design
  • Photos Or Illustrated
  • Full Colour
  • Print And Screen
  • Image Effects
  • Portrait - Landscape
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