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Welcome to our blog about all things WordPress, web design, plugins, marketing and more. At Kodako we are constantly working with new technologies. Some of the technology is good while other technology needs improving however technologies online are always changing. It is a very dynamic area to work in and if you’re running a business it’s difficult to keep up to date. Our blogs are simple and short, designed for busy people who just want to get to the important information they should be aware of.

WooCommerce And Kodako Liquid

Kodako Liquid And WooCommerce

Kodako Liquid And WooCommerce Overview WooCommerce is by far the most popular and rapidly developing plugin that provides ecommerce functionality for WordPress sites. Since its

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Email Marketing Blog

Email Marketing – MailPoet 3

Email Marketing MailPoet has both newsletter templates and welcome templates to get you started. With over 50 responsive starter templates that can be fully customised to

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