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Generative AI

We recently worked with Adobe Illustrator using generative AI to create scaleable vector graphics. The latest update to Adobe Firefly III integrated into Adobe CC apps is impressive. The vector artwork generated will save a lot of time for designers that need scaleable graphics for print and screen output.

We were initially concerned how the vector artwork would be put together. For example would the vector shapes overlap or would they butt up to each other? Will the artwork be easy to edit or will there be groups inside groups that require designers to dive down several layers to modify vectors. We were pleasantly surprised to find the artwork was perfectly butted to each shape with vector points easily accessible in the final output. As usual there are at least three variations generated from the designer’s prompt.

AI Patterns

One of the more impressive uses of vector AI is for designing repeating patterns, great for designing wrapping paper and wall paper plus backgrounds for screen use. In the example below this would of taken a designer a number of hours to normally design but not with AI. The downside is you may not get exactly what you want but you can always edit the content to achieve what you require. Illustrator AI also has the ability to change colours globally across any generated vector graphic.

ai pattern

AI Scenes

With all generated art there are always unwanted elements that need to be removed and are often very small. Despite this the scene generator can save designers a lot of time and reproduction in print should be good although checking the artwork at 100% view is critical before proceeding with any print work.

vectorai 1 1

Designers can produce icon artwork quicker than ever before. Firefly in Illustrator gives the designer the option to optimise the output for scene graphics or icon graphics. Icon graphics are simplistic and the results will require a designer to edit the result. Once again, AI is a productivity tool allowing us to provide clients with more choice faster. However a professional designer will always be required to be responsible for the final output file as their are good and bad ways to construct a vector graphic.

vectorai icon

Overall the latest version of FireFly III is a great improvement on the previous version and this is true also of Firefly results in Photoshop. We’ve seen far better results and the quality of the output is significantly better.

vector examples

Generative Video AI

We are currently waiting for Firefly generative video AI to be implemented into Premier Pro which is rumoured to be using output from MidJourney and Runway AI models. This will be interesting to see how Firefly video AI generated content looks and works. From our initial work with MidJourney and Runway we’ve been a little disappointed but early days.

Kodako works in motion graphics and post-production video so we will be applying generated video where it works and saves our clients time and money. That said, AI video production will be a productivity tool and won’t replace film makers, motion designers and video editors. They will need to learn how to use it and integrate it into their production pipelines and that’s exactly what Kodako has been doing so far with AI.

Adobe FireFly Generative Vector AI

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