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About Kodako

Kodako was founded in 2019 after Adobe closed the Business Catalyst platform. It was founded by Martin Adams Creative Director of Kodako, with the aim of delivering an online businesses website and PWA solution that is agile, cheap, easy to edit and had all the options you’d expect from a professionally designed website. The solution was WordPress because it has no monthly fees, has a huge community of global developers and has no template restrictions that 3rd party web design platforms have.

This is only part of the overall solution. Kodako website designs are digital publishing powerhouses that save you time while sharing content online via social media channels, 4k streaming video and direct email marketing, all managed from the WordPress dashboard. Look great and reach deep into your markets using a Kodako designed website while having full control over your online presence.

Kodako works as a small online team made up of a web designer, a writer / photographer and an IT specialist, that work remotely from Adelaide and Goolwa. We work remotely because we believe if you can, you should. We save our clients money and time with low overheads, we save the environment from commuting to and from work and we’re more productive overall with a healthier work life balance.


From before www was invented in 1989 we were designing graphics on the internet using ASCI text characters to form graphic banners in 1985. The design work was horrible to do but we could see the potential of the internet. Working with one of the first hosting companies in Australia, C-Tel in Adelaide, we started designing websites using one of the first HTML editors, HotDog, in the very early 1990’s. Since then, we have been at the forefront of using the latest version web, video and print design technologies including AI.

Why WordPress?

Today we use WordPress as our preferred platform to develop on. WordPress is free to use and open source and will never be sold to a 3rd party company. With WordPress, now used by over 40% of all websites online, we work with developers from all over the world to deliver website designs that use cutting edge technologies at a fraction of the cost it would require using in-house solutions. Over the years we’ve developed a collaborative working relationship with all our core plugin developers and have designed ecommerce and business website solutions that work for you rather than against you.

Why Kodako?

The main points of difference between a Kodako designed website and other agencies or web design platforms is that we keep our website designs up to date with the latest releases of WordPress and the plugins we use. We use 2FA secure login on all site designs. Our clients are in control of both their hosting administration and their website administration. Kodako works as a collaborator with our clients allowing us, on their behalf, to deal with hosting and website support requirements allowing our clients to concentrate on running their business.

The other main points is that Kodako is not restricted to just website design but also delivers print graphics and video post-production with visual effects for social media and 4K video streaming. We also provide training videos on demand specific to your website contents so you can learn the basics and feel confident editing your content.

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