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Kodako collaborates with businesses in Adelaide to Victor Harbor to design websites and progressive web apps (PWA) that engage with your target markets. Using the latest version of WordPress, featuring the latest drag and drop content management systems (CMS), our website designs will publish content to your blog, your social media channels and your subscribers via email. With no template restrictions, our website and email design services allow for effortless content creation and editing, all without any coding knowledge required. Manage it all from the WordPress Dashboard which powers over 40% of all online websites. Our website design solutions provide an affordable and agile base for businesses to establish, grow and manage their online presence.

Easy Drag And Drop Website Editing

Kodako’s web design process employs drag-and-drop editors to add specific widgets to new pages, blog posts and email designs. Widgets allow for the incorporation of diverse content types, slideshows, image galleries, text blocks, videos, buttons, and forms. Each widget has extensive customisation options available, including different media content, logic, colours, Google fonts, bespoke icons, and styles.

2FA Website Security

Our team regularly updates Kodako’s core plugins with new features and styling options, ensuring that clients have access to the most advanced functionalities including a 2FA login. All our web designs use verified and up-to-date WordPress technologies, and we conduct rigorous testing, reviewing, and updating of our clients’ website plugins. We do this while simultaneously keeping all our websites current with the latest WordPress and PHP releases.

E-Commerce Website And PWA

Kodako’s fully featured e-commerce websites are efficiently managed from the user-friendly WordPress Dashboard. Our websites enable clients to manage product sales and clients, leveraging built-in email marketing and social media tools. Additionally, you can easily deliver email marketing campaigns to your existing client base and post on popular social media channels, all directly from your WordPress Dashboard.

Our e-commerce websites provide customers with a smooth, frictionless shopping experience. The online shop guides customers through an easy-to-use mini-checkout, checkout, product purchase, and thank-you summary page, making it simple for them to complete their purchase. Additionally, an automated email, designed with your business branding, is sent directly to the customer after purchase, providing a seamless end-to-end customer experience.

Some of our e-commerce features:

  • All the options for purchasing physical and digital download products online.
  • Integrated Stripe / PayPal payment gateway, analytics and with branded email marketing signups.
  • Product variations, multiple shipping options, retail and sale prices and shop accounts.
  • Easily add, delete or edit product pricing, descriptions and variation photography.
  • Option for customers to create an account and be added to your email marketing lists at checkout.
  • You and your clients notified via branded emails of purchases. 
  • Sendle automated pickup and delivery with tracking in Australia.
Website Analytics

Our websites, by default, give our clients access to a comprehensive view of their online business through the user-friendly WordPress dashboard. Site Kit plugin by Google, displays your site’s (GA4) analytics and allows for an easy-to-understand graphical representation of your site’s traffic sources and dates.

For e-commerce sites, we deploy WooCommerce Analytics, which allows for the efficient management of essential aspects of your online business. You can manage orders, stock, reviews, and gain insight into sales using intuitive graphical charts. Additionally, you can view product-level data over specific time ranges, providing a deeper understanding of your business’s performance.

Latest Updates

We update our websites with the latest version of WordPress and the plugins they use as they are released. We test first and then deploy. WordPress plugins provide cost effective solutions that are far cheaper and more agile than other website platforms. We analyse what your online business requires and design a solution using proven WordPress technologies that we use ourselves.

Our websites are optimised to load quickly and be lightweight, allowing for faster loading times and an improved user experience. Additionally, all our website designs can seamlessly integrate with numerous third-party ecommerce, shipping, and marketing platforms, providing a top-tier user experience that meets and exceeds industry standards. Kodako websites are designed to be digital publishing machines that include email marketing and blog to social media publishing.

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Kodako collaborates with your business to design and generate initial SEO content. Page titles, copy, headers, call to action panels, metadata, product descriptions, video and photography are all areas that require design. Our team carefully combines your website assets with you to create a website that looks good and easy to use on all devices while being on brand. We ensure it ranks well, engaging with your target audience while promoting your brand, products and services.

Kodako Collaborations

We initially design the website build on Kodako servers and when you are happy with the site design we migrate it to your own SiteGround hosting account and build your PWA. This gives you complete control over both website and hosting administration with Kodako as your collaborator. As a collaborator, Kodako has access to your website’s hosting tools, backups, staging etc, and allows us to get priority support from SiteGround on your behalf.

Website Hosting In Australia

Kodako is a long time affiliate with SiteGround web hosting, using Google Cloud’s new data centre in Sydney, Australia, to host and manage Kodako WordPress websites. Your website design will benefit from Google’s content delivery network (CDN), resulting in fast load times around the world, as your content will be available from multiple continents.

With an average uptime of 99%, your website will be secure and carbon neutral. Kodako, SiteGround, and Google Cloud’s network offer affordable, secure web hosting with fast load times. Your page content will remain secure, and SiteGround offers 24/7 tech support. Additionally, as your website collaborator, Kodako ensures that both the backend and frontend are updated, providing optimal performance.

Website Domain

Getting started with a Kodako website is a simple three step process.

  • First you need to register a domain name. 
  • Second, choose a website hosting plan from SiteGround. Select StartUp, GrowBig or GoGeek Plan
  • Third, once your domain name is pointing to your SiteGround’s server, invite Kodako to become your website collaborator.

Kodako as your collaborator can then install WordPress and start building your new website as per our pricing.

You can use a different registrar for your domain name registration such as Webcentral. Your domain name and hosting are two separate accounts.

If you have an ABN, we recommend you register a domain name with a .com.au or the new .au extension. Otherwise, if you don’t have an ABN, you can register a domain with an extension such as .com, .net, .biz or many others.

You can upgrade to faster cloud hosting plans or downgrade your hosting plan at anytime by logging into your SiteGround account. If you have any questions or if you want to migrate an existing WordPress site, please contact us.

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